Publisher Bandai Namco has soft-launched another “Pac-Man” mobile game called “Pac-Man Bounce,” which deviates from the regular formula of the series by being a puzzle game, with some familiar elements from predecessors. The game is currently in soft launch for Canada and Australia but should be available worldwide very soon, after the developer fixes reported bugs.

According to a report from Touch Arcade, “Pac-Man Bounce” will have players moving blocks as in a regular puzzle game, though this game has moving blocks so Pac-Man can eat those dots he always snacks on. Players will have to move the blocks strategically, though, as they could accidentally free some enemies or possibly lead Pac-Man to them.

The game is reportedly called “Pac-Man Bounce” because the titular yellow circle with a mouth will be bouncing off several arrow symbols or walls to get to the next level. According to Pocket Gamer, the game actually starts with players shooting Pac-Man to a specific direction.

It also seems “Pac-Man Bounce” will have plenty of replayability, as the title will reportedly have more than a hundred levels to go through. This will be useful if the game has an online leaderboard or any unlockable rewards that can be purchased through in-game progress. The game’s story is reportedly a bit on the strange side, as Pac-Man must find his way home and escape from a place called Snack World to get there. 

“Pac-Man Bounce” should get a worldwide release sooner or later, especially if Bandai Namco is confident enough to soft-launch the game and have other players try it out and give feedback. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices, though the release date has yet to be announced.

Pac-Man Bounce - App Store - Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)