The highly anticipated film of 2012 has just released its first high definition teaser trailer online. The Dark Knight Rises has stirred up a frenzy with its trailer release at the Harry Potter film debut last week. Fans have only been able to view a grainy video, but now Warner Bros. officially released clear and crisp version for our viewing pleasure.

In the teaser trailer fans will see clips of Nolan's past Batman films with Bruce Wayne training and living among the League of Shadows from Batman Begins. Ra's al Ghul narrates about becoming a legend. There is then a dialogue scene between Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as the Commissioner lies in a hospital bed. New footage is then revealed of Bane's face and a battle scene between the villain and Batman. The short clip reveals a glimpse of Batman's suit as he begins retreating from a an approaching Bane.

The HD trailer is now available online. Click Here view the HD teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.