Banksy's month-long journey in New York City is nearing its end, and as we say goodbye to the "Better Out Than In" exhibit, it's time New York says "Hello" to a new street artist. There are thousands of street artists all over the world that could make a remarkable exhibit in New York, but these are some of the best artists that have proven they deserve that chance. 

Ox is a French street artist who honed his artistic abilities with the unsolicited redesign of European billboards. Ox has made a name from himself by creating colorful, minimalistic artworks seen everywhere from France to London. Ox would make the perfect addition to New York City street art simply because we have a lot of empty billboards that could use some color. The billboard takeovers are called "affichages" in French, meaning postings, and we definitely wouldn't mine seeing more of them. 


Since 2002, Reka has been making a name for himself in the Melbourne art scene. He's known for pop art inspired by cartoons, illustrations, colors and textures. Reka's work recently won the establishment accolade of being acquired by the National Gallery of Australia for its permanent collection. If Reka ever makes his way to New York City, we can certainly expect to see large-scale dazzling art. 


Ludo is known for merging technology and nature is his larger-than-life artwork. The Paris-based artist has been leaving his mark all over France in recent years. His trademark is a monochromatic design that intertwines nature and technology in what he calls "a new order of hybrid organisms." In a city drowning in technology, perhaps a bit more nature wouldn't hurt. 


Sam3 creates most of his large-scale work in Madrid. While Banksy's art ranges from small to large, all of Sam3's work is enormous, giving his followers all the more art to appreciate. Much of his artwork also depicts human nature in it's most habitual form which resonated with a lot of his following. Having Sam3 in New York City could possibly add even more culture to this already thriving city. 


Stinkfish, like Banksy, often takes his works on the road. Many of his portraits can be seen in places like China, India, Italy, Havana and Bangalore. Although Stinkfish is set to open an exhibit at the BC Gallery in Berlin on Friday, getting his artwork to New York would certainly be a gain for the city. Stinkfish uses vivid color in his immense portraits.


D*Face, like Banksy, is from the U.K. Also, like Banksy, this street artist uses stencils, posters, stickers and paint to display his work. So, just like Banksy, he's welcome to do a monthlong stint in New York anytime. 

DAL's real name, like Banksy's, is secret. But the Chinese-born artist, also known as DALeast, is well known all over the world for his 3D large scale creatures. Currently based in South Africa, the 29-year-old artist has already left his mark on New York. But a few pieces are never enough. 


The Italian Pixel Pancho has recently been taking his show on the road to prove that he too, is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Although there haven't been any sightings of his work in New York, he has recieved the help of legendary Martha Cooper during his stay in Baltimore. 


Escif, based in Spain, ties his political views in with his art, like Banksy. He's known for large scale drawings. 


Lush is a street artist out of Melbourne who is known so his take-no-prisoners approach to his art. He draws what he feels, and he makes no apology for doing so. His work is at times very similar to Banksy's in that there is almost always a hidden meaning behind the things he draws and writes. Whether or not the public catches on to the point he's trying to get across, NYC may just be hardcore enough to understand his work.