The ladies of The View are known to have heated conversations sometimes, but this particular one today may have waded into steamy.

While discussing the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, Barbara Walters asked co-host, Elizabeth Hasselback if she liked rough sex.

When you go home, you want the guy to be in charge, Walters said. More than be in charge, do very kinky things.

That prompted Hasselback to probe Walters about what she liked and that's when the conversation turned wild.

You're a powerful woman. What do you like, Barbara? Hasselbeck asked.

What about you and your husband? Walters said to Hasselback. Do you like it when he's rough?

The conversation proved to be too racy for even Whoopi Goldberg and she threw her hands up in excitement.

Wow! Goldberg said. We are not in our living rooms. Too much!

Fifty Shades of Grey is about a college student who gets involved with an older man who is into kinky sex and bondage.