The rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA), which took credit for the blasts that killed three senior members of President Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle, has chilling words for the Syrian leader.

Riyad al-Assad, the head ort the FSA, told AP that the deaths on Wednesday morning would likely be the the beginning of the end of the regime. Hopefully Bashar will be next.”

Separately, a British military expert, said that Assad’s power is likely eroding due to the wave of defections he has suffered that past few months.

Regardless of whether this was a suicide bombing or a remote controlled bombing, which the Free Syrian Army claims, it would have required information as to the whereabouts of this meeting... and it would of course have required access - and this is not confirmed - to the office of the national security council chief, said Shashank Joshi, of the Royal United Services Institute, to BBC

That would only have been possible with a really impressive degree of insider information.