"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is going back in time – to the 14th century to be exact – for his new gore-infused TV series, “The Basted Executioner.” The historical drama, which is set to premiere on FX on Sept. 15, will follow the story of a knight in King Edward I’s army who lays down his sword after being broken by the horrors of war. However, the former weapon-wielding fighter will find himself picking up his blood-stained blade once again when violence unsuspectingly seeks him out.

According to star Lee Jones, who is taking on the role of the tortured former knight named Wilkin Brattle, his pious character will struggle immensely with the brutality he’ll be forced to face as an executioner, a position he’s tasked with in the upcoming drama.

“His journey is dealing with this internal struggle and getting away from the violence,” the actor, who has an extensive theater background, told reporters during a press conference call. “That is what’s driving him. It’ll inform every decision that he makes.”

the bastard executioner Lee Jones (pictured above as Wilkin Brattle) promised fans that "The Bastard Executioner" will be as satisfying as it is bloody. Photo: FX

The viciousness set to occur throughout “TBX” will also awaken some deep beasts down inside Wilkin. “He loses the ability to trust himself,” Jones revealed, explaining that the spiritual character begins to unravel when he’s appointed the grim position of executioner. “He’s trying to come back to the middle to find himself in the most violent situation. It’s the turmoil of the character is what’s driving everything.”

But it’s not the stomach-churning carnage or nail-biting violence that Jones is most excited for fans to watch when the medieval drama debuts – it’s the relationships between the show’s complex and layered characters that he’s anxious to see come alive on screen.

“It would have to be... I actually think it’s the relationships between characters,” Jones told International Business Times what he was most looking forward to have translated on TV. “They’re really beautifully drawn by Kurt [Sutter]. There’s great subtly and depth as well as the epic scale that the show has. I think [Kurt Sutter] – and hopefully we – have done a great job at creating the heart of the show and that’s in the relationships, I think.”

One of the interactions Jones spoke of was the dynamic relationship between Wilkin and Milus Corbett, who’s being played by “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer. Milus is described as a “devious” character, one who has great political aspirations. He also, according to Jones, has common ground with Wilkin.

the bastard executioner Lee Jones (pictured above as Wilkin Brattle) discussed the interesting relationships that are set to be explored in Season 1 of "The Battle Executioner." Photo: FX

“They have a shared history in terms of being knights. So their relationship is sort of, they’re both having to survive trying to get out of manipulation. There is a lot of loathing in that relationship,” the “TBX” star said, trying to figure out a way not to give away too much. “They’re both struggling to survive and they kind of… if they like it or not, depend on each other at times.”

But overall, Jones divulged that it’s the darkness woven throughout “TBX” that will truly appeal to fans of FX's newest, grusome drama.

“For me, I think – you know, life is so delicate a lot of drama comes from that. I think that’s [what I find] so interesting about that time period. The value of life. And the brutality of it. It’s very satisfying,” he promised.

“The Bastard Executioner” series premiere will air on Tuesday, Sept. 15 on FX at 10 p.m. EDT.