Kurt Sutter
Series creator Kurt Sutter, pictured here at the Season 7 premiere of "Sons of Anarchy," debuted the first footage of his newest project, "The Bastard Executioner," at Comic-Con. Getty

The 2015 San Diego Comic-Con almost marked the first time that “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter didn’t appear on the FX panel now that the popular biker drama has concluded. Luckily for fans in attendance, they still got a good showing from the creator in the form of his new show “The Bastard Executioner.”

According to Screen Crush, Sutter appeared in a video at the gigantic Hall H panel where he gifted those in attendance with the first ever look at the new medieval drama before later debuting the trailer during “The Strain” Season 2 premiere on FX. The show will be a bit of a departure from “Sons of Anarchy” in theme, but the tone looks relatively the same. “The Bastard Executioner” tells the story of a warrior knight in King Edward III’s command who is broken by the horrors of war so much that he decides to lay down his sword forever. Unfortunately, his time as a pacifist is short-lived when violence forces him to pick up the sword again and become the bastard executioner.

The trailer, posted below, shows newcomer Lee Jones in the title role along with Sutter’s wife and “Sons” actress Katey Sagal. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of plot, it definitely gives fans the right idea of how gritty and dark Stutter is aiming to make his “Sons of Anarchy” follow up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will star Stephen Moyer, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Sam Spruell, Daren Evans, Danny Sapani, Timothy V. Murphy, Sarah White, Sarah Sweeney, Elen Rhys, Ethan Griffiths and guest star Matthew Rhys.

"I love history. I love theology. I love blood. It's been very satisfying weaving fact and fiction to create a new mythology that combines all these elements," Sutter said in a statement that announced the 10 episode series pickup (via E! Online). "And with this extraordinary cast—Stephen Moyer, Katey Sagal and newcomer Lee Jones—this world explodes on screen. I love working with FX and Fox21TVS. They've been my family for 15 years. They not only tolerate me, they embrace my extremely disturbing storytelling sensibilities."

Sutter's new show will premiere its 10-episode first season in September. Check out the first official teaser trailer for Sutter’s “The Bastard Executioner” below. Do you like the new setting Sutter is taking on? Comment below or tweet your thoughts to @TylerMcCarthy.