“Bates Motel” ended its first season with a bang on Monday night, killing off not one … but two characters! The shocking season finale left viewers wanting more, and that is exactly what they’re going to get when the A&E series returns for its second season. So, what can fans expect?

Did Norman Really Kill Miss Watson? The “B” Necklace Leaves An Important Clue

“Bates Motel” fans are now aware of Norman’s “blackout” modes in which he turns into a delusional killer. Viewers saw it first hand with the attack on Shelby, and in a flashback to when Norman’s father died. In the season finale, episode 10, Norman went into “blackout” mode at Miss Watson’s house, hallucinating about his mother, who told him that his teacher was coming onto him. The hallucination of Norma told Norman that he “knows what to do,” but then the camera cut to him running toward the hotel in the rain.

Viewers assumed that Norman blacked out and killed Miss Watson, and their thoughts were pretty solidified when the show ended by showing the teacher in a pool of blood with her throat cut. However, Norman may not have killed his teacher. While it definitely doesn’t look good for him, a key clue in the scene was the “B” necklace around Miss Watson’s neck.

For those that don’t remember, in episode nine Bradley found letters addressed to her late father regarding an affair. The letters were signed by a woman named “B” -- presumably the now deceased Miss Watson. Fans can’t forget that Miss Watson was involved in an emotional and heated phone call earlier in the season finale with a man named Eric. Judging by the conversation, the relationship between Miss Watson and Eric sounded like an abusive one.

Viewers have yet to meet Eric, but it’s possible that this mysterious character could be behind Miss Watson’s death AND the gruesome burning of Bradley’s dad. It’s also possible that Norman really is Miss Watson’s killer.

Season two will find the series exploring more of the different sides of Norman. “He obviously is capable of actions that he’s not aware of when he finds himself in an altered mental state,” “Bates Motel” executive producer Carlton Cuse told the Hollywood Reporter. The new season will have Norman “coming to terms” with the death of his teacher, allowing the viewers to “get some resolution.”

Norma’s Horrifying Past

Norma revealed to Norman (right before his big school dance) that she had been raped by her brother as a teen. It was the first time that fans learned of Norma’s life before marrying Norman’s dad, and it sounds like we might be meeting her brother in season two.

“We’ll meet some more members of the Bates family,” Zap2it.com reports Cuse said at the Paley Center. “I’m not gonna hint as to who or when or what but there are more members of the family out there. [The viewers] should know who they are.”

Bates family members won’t be the only ones lurking around White Pine Bay. The audience met Maggie, Keith’s sister in the season finale. According to Cuse, she is going to be sticking around in season two.

Dylan And Bradley

While Norman definitely idealizes Bradley, the end of the season introduced a possible love connection between Bradley and Dylan. Norman ended up getting punched in the face because of his obsession with the girl, but the real problems may now be with his older brother.

Dylan told Bradley that she can bother him anytime, which resulted in an awkward conversation with Norman in which he told him that he didn’t care if he asked Bradley out. Since Bradley seems to be one of Norman’s “blackout” triggers, does that mean Dylan is in danger? “Possibly, we’ll see!” Carlton Cuse responded.

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