If Norma thought her problems were buried along with deputy Mike Shelby she was DEAD wrong. “Bates Motel” is looking to cast a new cop to replace Mike Vogel (now on “Under The Dome”) in season 2 of the hit A&E “Psycho” prequel.

According to E! Online, the series is looking to cast a woman named Patti Lin. Lin will be an “ambitious, smart and eager” cop that will assist Sheriff Romero. While the town of White Pine Bay desperately needs a cop that is “good at their job,” Lin could definitely cause some trouble for problem-prone Norma and Norman.

No actress has been named as Patti Lin yet, but “Bates Motel” has already begun expanding its cast for season 2. In mid-August, TV Line reported that Michael O’Neill, best known for being the “Grey’s Anatomy” shooter, would be joining the A&E show as Nick, the father of recently deceased Miss Watson.

Former “90210” star Kathleen Robertson has also been added to the cast, playing a “smart” and “sexy” businesswoman/ artist named Jodi. Check out a full casting list update below:

Patti Lin – An ambitious, smart and eager cop that will assist Sheriff Romero.

Nick (Michael O’Neill) – The father of Miss Watson, who wants to “exact revenge on the perp responsible” for her death.

Jodi (Kathleen Robertson) – A smart and sexy businesswoman/ artist who’s “as hard-charging as she is successful.”

Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) – Norma’s first female friend and member of White Pine Bay’s upper circle.

Caleb (Kenny Johnson) – Norma’s estranged brother who used to sexually assault her. Caleb will be showing up in town to hook Norma into a business venture.

George (Michael Vartan) – A charming divorcé who catches the attention of Norma.

Zane Carpenter (Michael Eklund) – An “upper-level player” in Dylan’s drug family.

Cody Brennan (Paloma Kwiatkowski) – A party girl who befriends Norman and shows him how to have fun and “act out.”

“Bates Motel” will return to A&E for its second season in 2014. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.