“Batman: Arkham Knight” fans can get a preview of what’s coming in the September DLC with the most recent patch released by the developer. The patch takes up 4.03GB, which is unsurprising considering it also introduces Photo Mode, which allows players to take screenshots of any event, save it and share those pictures with friends.

This is not the first game to feature the Photo Mode. It has been part of “God of War III Remastered” and “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.”

Fans who download the patch can also see some of the “Arkham Knight” DLC coming in September, like the “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1.” According to Gearnuke, the pack appears to be a set of combat-based challenges with the option to choose Batman, Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing as playable characters. Since the pack has a #1 on the title, it’s almost guaranteed a second pack will be coming, maybe even having some of the DLC characters as choices like Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Red Hood.

While September is still a month away, new August content has been revealed as well. In addition to the “1989 Batmobile Pack” and the “Bat-Family Skins Pack,” fans will also have access to the skins from “Batman Beyond” and “The Dark Knight Returns.” Both skins were originally part of the “Gotham’s Future Skin Pack” as a PC preorder bonus and will now be available for consoles.

“Arkham Knight” fans will be able to get a free skin if they log in to the WB Community and comment on this thread. Doing so will unlock the Zur-En-Arrh skin, once connected to the game’s WBPlay. The costume belongs to an alternate dimension Batman with Superman’s powers that debuted in 1958, created by France Herron and Dick Sprang. However, most comic book fans remember this costume from the “Batman RIP” storyline by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel, where it was revealed that Zur-En-Arrh is a alter ego of Batman’s released if his mind is taken over by psychological trauma.

Fans interested in the DLC can purchase all of it through the $40 “Arkham Knight” season pass. The current DLC available includes the “Batgirl: A Matter of Family Pack” and the season pass exclusive “Flashpoint Batman” skin.

Batman Arkham Knight Zur-En-Arrh Skin Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/TheRealComicBookGamer)