A $70 special edition of “Batman Arkham Knight” has appeared at Amazon.com. This particular bundle, dubbed as the Serious Edition, is meant for players who are also comic book fans. Announced by WB Games this week, the “Batman Arkham Knight” special collector’s edition bundle is meant only for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

GameSpot spotted the listing, which also shows what will be included in the bundle. Apart from the hard copy of the game, there is also the Batman First Appearance skin and an exclusive limited edition 25th anniversary hardcover copy of the graphic novel “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.” Sadly, this version is also known as the “Comic Bundle” for a reason: Those are the only items included. According to the source, the season pass is not included in the bundle.

In addition, a new character poster has been released featuring Dick Grayson as Nightwing. The official Batman Arkham Twitter account released the poster on Tuesday, teasing the release date as well as the new character in the game.

Fans already know about Nightwing’s inclusion due to data miners stumbling upon the character bios for Nightwing, Catwoman, Azrael and Robin. However, it was recently confirmed that Nightwing will be a playable character, not just a cameo character.

Due to the foreboding nature of the poster, fans have started to speculate about whether or not this could mean the end for the Dark Knight. Previously, Videogamer reported on rumors that followed an Amazon leak pointing to a statue of Batman, tagged with the words “From a Grateful City in Memory of the Gotham Knight.” However, the poster may also be alluding to the end of the Batman Arkham series, as developer Rocksteady already announced that this would be its last stint in this Batman video game franchise.

The reveal of the newest special edition and poster comes after fans got a glimpse of a new weapon for the caped crusader. In the newly released trailer, seen below, Batman is shown wielding what is dubbed as “the Disruptor,” a new rifle that stops enemies from being able to use their own guns.

Rocksteady has expounded on the Disruptor’s capabilities in the latest blog post at WB Games. The Disruptor can play a main role in Batman’s tactics when fighting enemies, but given its limited capacity of three rounds for every engagement, players would need a good strategy.

"Batman Arkham Knight" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham)

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