Gal Gadot’s favorite villain is Lex Luthor, a role played by Jesse Eisenberg in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” In a recent interview, the actress shared her beauty secrets and tips, and also talked about playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie.

Speaking to Yahoo while promoting her signature fragrance Gucci Bamboo, the actress also talked about playing the new superhero character. Gadot said that playing Wonder Woman was a big responsibility, but at the same time described it as a “huge opportunity.” She said that she would do her best to live up to the expectations of playing the character.

Gadot described her character in the movie as a “huge symbol of all the greatness of a woman.” Gadot said that she was both “flattered and humbled” for being given the opportunity to play the character and described the experience as “amazing.”

Gadot also talked about some of her beauty secrets and said that her beauty diet includes beetroot, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber and red bell pepper. The actress also described herself as being “very strong and very sporty” and pointed out that she has broken eight of her fingers in the past.

Talking about “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Gadot refused to choose between the two main superheroes. “It’s like mommy or daddy, it’s hard to say,” the actress said.

Asked to describe Wonder Woman in one word, the actress said that the character was “powerful.” She also reportedly likes her sword in the movie and prefers knee-high boots over sky-high boots.

Meanwhile, the costume designer of the movie, Michael Wilkinson, spoke to People’sChoice recently about how he worked on the new designs in the movie. Wilkinson said that he studied how some of the characters in the movie have been portrayed over the last 75 years across various platforms and tried to find ways to come up with original designs that were unlike anything that the audience has seen before.

The costume for Henry Cavill did not get any major overhaul and is similar to what he wore in “Man of Steel,” but the costume is said to have been “streamlined” to make it look “more earthly” for the movie. Director Zack Snyder apparently wanted the Batsuit to be as close to the comic books as possible.

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the first movie to introduce Wonder Woman. The character has only been seen in the comics and a TV show so far. The director reportedly wanted the costume of the character to make her look like a “fierce” and “intimidating warrior.”