Michael Shannon said that he sometimes makes things up, when he was asked to talk about his “flippers” comment on “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Meanwhile, a new report suggested that two new trailer of the movie will be released in October.

In a previous interview to Vulture, Shannon had said that he once found himself in an awkward situation on the production set of the movie, when he couldn’t open the door because he had wax flippers on his fingers as part of the costume and director Zack Snyder was looking for him. The actor’s comments on the costume immediately caught the attention of the fans, as his character was not expected to play a major role in the forthcoming movie after the events of “Man of Steel.”

Talking about his “flippers” comment, the actor told ScreenRant recently that sometimes he makes things up because he doesn’t have a lot to say about the movie after being repeatedly asked to comment on it. Shannon said that Warner Bros. is “really happy” about him taking this approach rather than revealing details about the movie.

When pressed to comment about his role in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Shannon joked that his character will be running for the office of the President. The actor later explained that his role in the movie is “better left unsaid” and added that he doesn’t want to “spoil” the movie for everyone.

Two trailers of the movie and a number of promo images and behind-the-scenes pictures have been released so far by the producers to build the excitement for the movie. Two new teaser trailers of the movie will be released on Oct. 26, HeroicHollywood reported, adding that the CBS TV Series “Supergirl” premieres on this day and the first of the two new “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailers that airs during the TV series will focus only on Clark Kent (Henry Cavill).

The other trailer is said to air on FOX while the TV series “Gotham” airs and this teaser will focus only on Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck).