Electronic Arts’ upcoming “Battlefield: Hardline” will have a downloadable content campaign that will take players into early 2016, the Redwood City, California-based developer and publisher announced on Monday.

The first-person shooter will be the first “Battlefield” installment since 2013’s “Battlefield 4,” a game that many users criticized for being riddled with errors and bugs.

The four expansion packs are:

  • Criminal Activity – Coming this summer
  • Robbery – Coming this summer
  • Getaway – Coming this fall
  • Betrayal – Coming in early 2016

Players will be able to purchase a $50 premium subscription that will grant them early access to a number of features. “Battlefield: Hardline” Premium will give users two weeks of early access to all four expansion packs, as well as access to player masks, competitive play, legendary status, weapons customization, the ability to track their kills and more.

The game will be set in Miami and Los Angeles and will follow the story of Detective Nick Mendoza and partner Khai Minh Dao.

“Battlefield: Hardline” will launch March 17 across five platforms -- Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game originally was scheduled for release last October but was delayed so developers could continue working on it. Visceral Games also is working on “Battlefield: Hardline,” and it’s no surprise that the two companies want to avoid the same negative press that surrounded “Battlefield 4,” which took months to repair.