"Baywatch" star Donna D'Errico's search for Noah's Ark has come to a close. According to MSN, the actress was filming a documentary with a crew in Turkey when she slipped on Mt. Ararat and nearly tumbled off a cliff. Luckily, one of the crew members saved her before tragedy could strike. MSN reports that the actress will be leaving Turkey as a result of her injuries and the difficulty in scaling Mt. Ararat.

In addition to the treacherous mountainside, D'Errico and the film crew faced weather-related dangers, altitude sickness and the potential of abduction. "If they (potential kidnappers) found out that there's someone, even of minor notoriety on the mountain, it could put the whole group in serious danger," the "Baywatch" star said. Hikers have had difficulties on Mt. Ararat with abductions in the past, so, potentially nabbing an actress of any level of fame would be a sure boon.

D'Errico has been interested in finding Noah's Ark ever since watching a movie about the Biblical story as a child, "I know what I'm doing and I know that this is my lifelong dream and I believe in the Bible," D'Errico said - referencing Genesis 8:4, which states "on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat."

Noah's Ark remains a mysterious endeavor for many historians, even though it has apparently been "found" multiple times. MSN points out that around forty years ago, Violet M. Cummings, author of "Noah's Ark: Fable or Fact?" reported that the Ark rests on Mt. Ararat to this day. While pieces of ancient ships have been found in the immediate vicinity of Mt. Ararat, there is no indication that these are, in fact, the famed Noah's Ark of Biblical lore.

"We are not saying that we are 100 percent certain that what we found is Noah's Ark. No one has ever seen the ark, no one knows what it looks like," Yeung Wing-Cheung of Hong Kong said in a 2010 interview with ABC. The evangelical filmmaker added that "We are only 99 percent certain that it is Noah's Ark based on historical accounts, including the Bible and local beliefs of the people in the area, as well as carbon dating."

"The key word is 'search,' not 'find.' I don't have any wild notion that I'll be the one that finds Noah's Ark." D'Errico told ABC News, adding "If I didn't know me, I would think it was funny. You know, 'Baywatch babe goes hunting for Noah's Ark,'"