With all the events transpiring across the globe – natural calamities, political crisis, social unrest, violence, or at the very least, stress from working long hours – summer is always the best time to unwind, spend time with family, and take a break. People work to have a great holiday but finding the best place to go to yearly usually poses a problem.

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom coming up in July, there are quite a lot of events and activities lined up in Britain. Depending on the type of activity that you prefer, you can always find something to do. Watch the video below to see why Britain is a great holiday destination suggestion.

If you’re just interested in fashion, literature, royalty, nature, history, food, drinks and not sports, you can still have that once in a lifetime holiday with family or friends in Britain. Relax indoors, enjoy the outdoors by listening to music or watch a concert; shop until you drop; brush up on history and be close to rubbing elbows with royalty; or just simply enjoy nature in tranquil beaches far away from gadgets and the busy life.

There is always something to do for you in Britain this summer. So don’t ask for a rain check for this historical invitation.

Find out more about what you can do in Britain here and prep up to VisitBritain this summer.