A bear walked into a Colorado bar -- and no one seemed to mind.

The black bear, which began his evening dumpster diving, wandered into Lonigan’s Bar in Estes Park, roughly 65 miles north of Denver. A security camera caught the bear walking past the bar and tables at approximately 9:30 p.m. Thursday night, KKTV reports.

“I tried to holler, ‘Bear!’ so people could hear me. They were oblivious. He kept wandering up to the middle bar where all the patrons were,” resident Daniel Lyell told KKTV.

Lyell, who was heading home from work, saw the bear enter the bar. He jumped out of his car and followed the 6-foot, 300-pound bear, snapping a photo with his phone while trying to warn patrons. The bear, however, remained indifferent toward his human counterparts. He left the bar after a few minutes.

“I guess nothing seemed palpable, so he just kept going,” Lyell said. “He didn’t think too long before he started walking into the bar.”

Humans didn’t take much notice either, not hearing the bear over the music in the bar.

Dave Callahan, the bar's owner, only noticed the bear’s visit the following morning when he was reviewing security footage, WFMY reports. The bar's doors were left open since the restaurant doesn't have air conditioning.

But he wasn’t shocked. Twelve years ago, another bear wandered into his bar without incident. “We are in the Rocky Mountains; it’s their territory, not ours,” he said.