Thursday was an usual day for news concerning animal attacks. A rabid beaver mauled and killed a man in Eastern Europe and a Komodo dragon bit an Indonesian woman.

The beaver in Eastern Europe bit a man to death even though all he was trying to do was take a picture of the rodent, Sky News reported.

The unmanned man was on a fishing trip with two friends when you spotted the beaver on the side of the road near Lake Shestakov in Belarus.

When the man approached the beaver, the rodent pounced on him and bit him fatally in the thigh.

His friends tried to stop the flow of blood, Sky News reported. The bite had severed a main artery in the man’s leg.

Beaver attacks are extremely rare, and according to experts, the ones who do bite humans are generally rabid.

There’s a video that was posted to YouTube earlier this week that shows a man running away from a charging beaver in Moscow. The man was apparently filming in the area.

In 2003, two farmers survived an attack from a rabid beaver when they tried to chase it out of a barn.

Sky News cited multiple attacks that happened in the U.S.:

A beaver in a Virginia lake attacked two girls as they swam. They walked away from the mauling with serious bites and scratches. Also mauled was a man in New York as well as an elderly woman from Washington.

Beavers are the second largest rodents in the world, with the capybara, a native South American animal, being the biggest. 

Unlike the fisherman from Russia, the 83-year-old Indonesian woman luckily survived the Komodo dragon attack, according to The Komodo dragon is the world's largest monitor lizard.