An 83-year-old Indonesian woman fought a Komodo dragon and won.

Haisah said she was sitting on the ground outside her home on Rinca Island when the 6.5-foot reptile sunk its teeth into her wrist, AFP reports.

“All of a sudden, a Komodo bit my right hand," she said. "I have no idea which direction it came from."

Haisah, a broom maker by trade, was making one out of a coconut tree when the venomous lizard attacked. All alone, she had to rely on herself to “fight for survival.”

"I kicked the Komodo on one its front legs with all my strength; it was only one kick, but it made the Komodo let go of my hand, then I screamed for help," she said.

Like most Indonesians, Haisah only goes by one name. Interviewed in her hospital bed, she needed 35 stitches to repair her hand, she said. It’s still unknown whether the lizard’s venom has any negative effects on Haisah, AP reports.

Komodo dragons, the heaviest lizards on Earth, can reach 10 feet and weigh up to 300 pounds. They will eat almost anything including deer, water buffalo and humans. The endangered species inhabits several Indonesian islands included Rica, the one where Hasiah was attacked.

Perhaps the most famous Komodo dragon attack occurred more than 8,000 miles away from the Komodo dragons’ habitat.

Back in 2001, Sharon Stone’s husband was attacked by a Komodo dragon at the Los Angeles Zoo, ABC reports.

The reptile attacked Phil Bronstein’s foot, and he managed to pry open the reptile’s mouth and escape the enclosure. He needed surgery to reattach severed tendons and rebuild his big toe.

As for the Komodo dragon’s latest victim, Haisah says she hopes she will recover from her injury soon.

"I'm doing fine now. I hope my hand will return to normal so that I can make brooms again," she said.