width=278Bee therapy in considered to have the ability to cure various diseases according to doctors from China. This has been practiced in China for more than 3000 years already and they say that the result from this therapy is outstanding.

Doctor Zhang, a traditional practitioner from Beijing's Kang Tai Clinic, confirmed that the results from the bee therapy speak for themselves.

The bee therapy has an obvious effect to patients who have bone and joint diseases, such as arthritis, rachitis and rheumatism.

This treatment is based on the poison of the bee which helps in the circulation of blood, eliminates blood stasis and relieves pain.

The procedure includes the placing of the bee on the acupoint of the suffering joint, where the insect stings. After that, the bee dies and is discarded while its sting and poison is left in the body for several hours.

The patient is stung for between 5 to 100 times, depending on the type of the disease that he is suffering from and his level of endurance.

The doctors confirmed that 90% of their patients recover completely or experience improvement in their health.