Beijing opened a new subway line this week allowing citizens to travel around the city with greater ease, and also lowered the ticket prices across its whole system.

Since Sunday, the new 27.6 km-long NO.5 subway line, and every trip on Beijing's subway is now cost only 2 yuan (27 cents), no matter how far the passenger travels or how many times he changes trains.

Previously a subway ticket costs from 3 to 5 yuan.

China's official media reported that in the next 10 years,15 cities are expected to spend 82.7 billion USD to build 1,700 kilometers urban light rail and subway lines. Furthermore, more than 20 other cities are also applications for the construction of the subway lines.

If this is completed, Beijing will have the most rail of any citiy, with 561 km-long subway lines in 2015 - more than 408 kilometers of London.

Despite Beijing slant towards Chinese suppliers, but the surge in subway construction is a big chance to the global transport system producers, such as Germany's Siemens, France’s Alston and the Canada’s Bombardier. Bombardier will be responsible for the construction of the Capital Airport light rail line, which will opened in next year.

The plan of building subway lines in Beijing is important to the capital's future. Beijing is the vanguard in this aspect in China, it opened the first subway line in 1969.