Luckily for Ben Affleck, the driver’s side mirror he accidentally knocked off another car while driving isn’t reminiscent of the situation faced by the actor’s character in “Changing Lanes.”

While some drivers may have left without leaving a note, Affleck gave his contact information and apologized for knocking off the mirror on another car in Santa Monica, Calif., as seen by this photo from Just Jared (Affleck’s info was edited out of the photo.)

“Hi, Knocked Off your Mirror! Very Sorry. Will Cover Everything. – Ben,” the message read from the 40-year-old actor.

The minor accident is a far cry from 2002’s “Changing Lanes,” in which Affleck’s character, an attorney, gets into an accident in New York City with a character played by Samuel L. Jackson, who makes the lawyer’s life a living hell for one day. Affleck’s character left some important papers at the scene of the accident, and Jackson makes the lawyer go through hoops to retrieve it, cutting the attorney’s brakes along the way.

Photos from Just Jared show Affleck about to place the note on the car’s windshield and damage to the side view mirror.

While Affleck was doing damage to another car, his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, took their children to a birthday party in Los Angeles, according to Just Jared. The site has photos of the kids and their famous father here.