Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted spending family time with their children over the weekend soon after reports emerged that their ex-nanny Chrisitne Ouzounian -- who was allegedly involved in a relationship with Affleck -- got back with her former fiancé. Affleck and Garner announced in June that they were divorcing, but have been seen together on and off.

Garner and Affleck, along with their three children, were seen in West Hollywood, California, decorating cupcakes and visiting a toy shop. 

"The kids seemed very happy to be with Ben. They took turns holding his hand for much of the day," a source told People magazine. "Ben and Jen also seemed okay. They chatted a bit, but mostly seemed focused on making the day fun for the kids."

According to a report last week, Ouzounian had patched things up with her ex-fiancé Christoph Albury in the Bahamas. 

“It’s really strange,” a source told ET Online. “It’s like they’ve just gone back to normal and the Ben stuff didn’t even happen.”

Another report said that Garner "believes" that Affleck has resorted to drinking and "picking up women behind her back."

"This was Ben’s last shot to make things right and he didn’t. She’s [Garner] done fighting the same fight," a source reportedly said.