Ben Breedlove's funeral service on Thursday at the Gateway Church was streamed online at his family's request. Such a move seemed fitting for the 18-year-old, who has become an Internet sensation.

During the service, his sister Ally called the day a celebration, reported John Burke, the pastor of Gateway Church, spoke of Breedlove's vision and said the teen is experiencing more of life now than we have ever imagined.

Since 2009, Breedlove has posted videos on YouTube and gained an online following. On Dec. 18, 2011, he posted a 2-part video that became widely-viewed on the Internet.

Breedlove told the story of his life and his struggle with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that makes him prone to heart attacks and ultimately took his life on Christmas day.

He also told about a beautiful vision he had in one of his near-death experiences. He said the vision gave him the BEST Feeling he ever had in his life.

Breedlove ended his widely-popular video with two note cards. One read Do you believe in Angels or God? The other read I Do.

After his funeral service, many people continued to pour out their support and gratitude for Breedlove over the Internet.

R.I.P mate. you give us all? strength my friend,? thank you... wrote a user on his YouTube channel.

Angel, you are free now. Thank? you for leaving us your great message just a week before your death. You did EXACTLY what you were sent here to do. I LOVE YOU! wrote another user.

RIP Ben? your? with God now, wrote a third user.

I can't stop watching his last video. & he had such a beautiful smile too. The good die truly do die young. Rest in Paradise Ben Breedlove, tweeted a user from Maine.

Breedlove's family is asking anyone wanting to contribute to donate to African New Life Ministries through an account that has been set up in Ben's name, according to Austin YNN.