In a touching tribute following the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, Philadelphia Phillies’ Ben Revere used white tape to inscribe “PRAY For Boston” inside his baseball glove in Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds.  

Little did he know that glove would help him make an unbelievable "catch of the year."

In post-game interviews, Revere showed his Boston-dedicated glove, saying that he wanted to keep those affected on his mind and on his heart during the game.

“It just hurts to see something like that happen. It’s painful and my heart goes out to those families right now,” Revere said. “Every single day’s precious.”

The Phillies player also tweeted a picture of the glove:



His catch and tribute solicited a rush of acknowledgment from fans, including from Boston Red Sox player, Shane Victorino, who tweeted at Revere: “Much respect @BenRevere9 on that catch homie … more importantly you showing your feelings for those in Boston! #Respect #PrayForBoston”

Watch Revere’s amazing catch, where he sprints in the backfield, leaps and soars, in the video clip below, along with his post-game interview.