Ben Stiller's Fake Trailer Project, debuting soon on, will serve as a petri dish for possible movies. If any of the dozen planned trailers catch on virally, Stiller and his partners may develop them into films.

Stiller will star in the first parody, TheWrap has learned. He is producing the fake trailers with his Red Hour partners Stuart Cornfield and Mike Rosenstein.

They will be similar to the ones that appeared in Stiller's movie Tropic Thunder.

Unilever, the conglomerate behind Hellman's Mayonnaise, Vaseline and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, among other products, is sponsoring The Fake Trailer Project.

Some pretty major talent is expected to take part, but it's unclear exactly who. It's been reported that Tropic Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux will contribute, and that director Amy Heckerling also will have some involvement.

Stiller's Red Hour Films has a production deal with Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment and a feature deal with Fox.

MTV declined comment.