Has Cumberbaby’s name finally been revealed? Benedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophie Hunter became first-time parents to a baby boy three months ago but have yet to reveal any details about their new bundle of joy. A report, however, suggests Cumberbatch and Hunter chose the name Christopher Carlton for their baby boy.

The Daily Mail reported the “Sherlock” star and his wife chose Carlton for their son’s middle name because it’s a family moniker. Cumberbatch and his father, Timothy Cumberbatch both share the middle name Carlton. The 39-year-old’s full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, while his dad’s name is Timothy Carlton Congdon Cumberbatch. The site also reported the baby’s first name, Christopher, could be tied to the actor’s character in “Parade’s End.”

As previously reported, Cumberbatch and Hunter have decided to keep their son and the details surrounding his June birth out of spotlight. Shortly after the newborn’s arrival, a rep for Cumberbatch released a statement saying the pair was “delighted” about the birth, but wanted “privacy during these next few precious weeks.”

At the time, because the pair didn’t reveal their baby’s name fans took it upon themselves to guess what Cumberbatch and Hunter were going to call their infant son. A few Twitter users suggested the baby would have a unique name since his father’s name is a tad different. A few of the fan-made baby names included “Rainbow Stardust Cumberbatch,” “Gobstopper Stelzendimper” and Sir Leverious Reginald Antonio Cumberbatch.”