Does anyone need a starting catcher who averaged 0.278, 18 homeruns, and 85 RBIs each year for three full years as a cleanup hitter?  What if that catcher also already knows your pitching staff insdie and out.  Anyone have Bengie Molina's phone number?

That's what Molina did for the San Francisco Giants between 2007-2009.

In 2010, splitting time between the Giants and the Texas Rangers, he helped both teams win games throughout the season and both teams got to the World Series.

Unfortunately he was unable to find a new team during the off season as teams were relunctant to sign an aging (he's 36) catcher who runs the bases slow.  Molina remains a free agent currently. 

Would he play for the Giants? 

Heck yeah, he told the Mercury News in an interview. That's what I've been doing my whole life. You tell me to put a [uniform] on, I'll do it and be fine.

The Giants need a new catcher after losing Buster Posey to injury on Wednesday.  On Friday, Posey confirmed to local reporters that he is likely out for the season, but plans on being back fully healthy next year as a catcher. 

That might be the indication that the Giants need to get serious about finding a one-year solution at the catcher position.

Eli Whiteside is a serviceable defensive backup, but his 0.185 average may not be enough to make a World Series run.

The Giants don't need to replace Posey as a cleanup hitter, others can take that role, like Pablo Sandoval who is coming back from injury in less than two weeks or Cody Ross, last year's playoff hero or Brandon Belt, the minor league phenom who could have a breakout season.

However, the Giants still could use a 6-7 hitter at catcher, which Molina could serve well in that role. 

Molina will need to get back into baseball shape.  In the same interview, he indicated that he is willing to do that.

If I get it in my mind to do this, I would go. If they need me and want me and they ask me to spend two weeks in the minors, I'd do it, Molina said.

Molina was traded last year by the Giants to the Rangers when they decided to go with younger Posey. 

Mixed emotions ensued following the move.  Molina expressed as much in his interview.

However, the Giants are desperate now, and the only other option would be to trade for someone like Ivan Rodriguez from the Washington Nationals.  Molina already knows the pitching staff and always appeared to be a positive clubhouse presence when he was with the team.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Molina came back and helped the Giants make another World Series run? 

With Posey out for the season, the possibility is becoming more likely.