A man has been arrested in Berlin, Germany for allegedly setting fire to more than 100 luxury automobiles, according to reports.

Berlin police said the 27-year-old man who was picked up is jobless and heavily in debt and was likely motivated by jealousy is setting fire to the automobiles. Reportedly, he burned 67 cars over a period of three months, with 35 vehicles parked nearby were also destroyed, causing millions of euros in damage.

He wasn't motivated by politics but rather social envy, said senior Berlin police official Oliver Stepien, according to BBC. He said in essence: 'I've got debts, my life stinks and others with fancy cars are better off and they deserve this.’”

However, Berlin police fear that other arsonists remain at loose in the city, citing that hundreds of other expensive cars have also been torched.

According to police, about 470 cars in total – including BMWs, Mercedes and Audis - have been burnt this year in Berlin.

The phenomena became so baffling that Berlin police deployed up to 500 officers on the case to search the streets for suspects. Police even asked federal officials to provide them with high-tech equipment and helicopters with thermal image cameras to investigate the crimes.

The recent arrest was aided by use of Closed-Circuit TV cameras.

 Meanwhile, the head of Berlin's State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA) Christian Steiof said at a press conference that more arson attacks are likely.
I'm 100-percent certain the phenomenon will continue to keep us busy, he said.