Bernard Tomic has emerged as one of the top young players at the Australian Open, but is quickly becoming known more for dating model Donay Meijer.

Tomic advanced to the fourth round of the Australian Open where he will take on Roger Federer, but all anyone wants to talk about is the gorgeous Meijer, who has been seen in the stands cheering on her boyfriend.

The stunning model has actually put her modeling career on hold in order to complete her pharmacy degree and help support Tomic on his grand slam campaign, according to the Herald Sun.

I'm happy to just support Bernard in any way I can, she told the Herald Sun. I am happy for the focus to be on his tennis.

The gorgeous blonde is likely passing up lucrative deals to support Tomic in his tennis, but her agent Kathy Castens believes that Donay has her priorities in place.

 There's no doubt at all her modeling (sic) career would really take off if she pursued it full- time, but she's stepped back from it for now, Castens told the Herald Sun. But she's got all her priorities in the right place and she's in Melbourne right now to be there for Bernard and she won't do anything to take the focus off Bernard. For Donay, it's all about Bernard.

She'll be a success in whatever career path she chooses to take. She's got it all.

Tomic faces an extremely tough match against the legendary Federer, but it's hard to root against him when he has such a beauty like Meijer cheering him on.