Hoping to close in on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ahead of the New York primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is scheduled to hold a rally in the South Bronx on Thursday, where he will espouse his vision to get money out of politics, make college tuition free and combat climate change.

With 247 delegates up for grabs, New York is one of the biggest contests left, and Sanders would need a strong showing there to maintain his viability to beat Clinton and become the Democratic nominee. You can watch a live stream of the Bronx event at 7:00 p.m. EST right here.

Sanders, who is originally from Brooklyn, is intent on making New York a tight race. Sanders has been pushing for a debate there before the primary on April 19, and the Clinton campaign has seemed more open to that prospect recently.

Still, delegate math shows it will be tough for Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, and he faces several close contests in approaching states. While he’s won many of the caucuses and primaries across the country recently, he trails Clinton in averages of polls in New York by 27 points, according to Real Clear Politics. The most recent individual poll does show him gaining on Clinton in the Empire State, just 12 points behind.

New York City has strong spots for both Clinton and Sanders. In the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem, Clinton, who has adopted the state as her home, has a strong lead. Sanders has made major inroads in his birth-borough, Brooklyn, according to Politico.

In the next state to vote for Democrats, Wisconsin, Sanders has caught up with Clinton in what is a statistical dead heat, according to RCP. Clinton’s lead has slowly dropped in Wisconsin over the past year from a high of 49 points ahead in April.