Americans are set to consume an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings as they watch the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots this Super Bowl Sunday. Chicken wings have long been a staple of Super Bowl menus across the country but if you’re not planning to make your own, New York City has a number of great wing restaurants that deliver both classic and unconventional takes on the Game Day favorite. Below is a list of our favorites:

International Wings Factory: This Eastside restaurant might be tiny but it is entirely dedicated to chicken wings and offers a significant array of wing sauce options. Along with the classic buffalo sauce “Original Confession,” there are also more unconventional takes like “Vietnamese Chile Mango” and “Mexy Q.” Their Super Bowl pre-order menu is already up on their website so order in advance while you can. One word of warning: pre-orders are pick up only so you will need to make the time to head over to there on Game Day.

Old Town Bar: Old Town Bar is a longtime favorite for buffalo wing fans who rave about the tangy flavor of the sauce. One recent transplant from Buffalo, New York, widely considered to be the hometown of the famous sauce, proclaimed on Yelp that the restaurant’s wings were “absolutely amazing” and the best he had found in six months of living in New York City.

Mudville 9: While not as well known as other New York wing restaurants, this Tribeca sports bar has quietly made a reputation for itself as one of the best downtown wing spots. Choose between traditional and boneless wings, as well as 11 different wing sauces of varying levels of spiciness. If you order through Seamless on Super Bowl Sunday, make sure to do it earlier in the day as the bar can get backed up on orders.

BonChon Chicken: This Korean fried chicken chain might not serve up celery and bleu cheese next to your wings, but its unique take on the Super Bowl staple offers a great way to mix things up at your party on Sunday. Wings come in either a soy garlic or hot sauce. You always have the option of splitting your order in half between the two.

Dinosaur BBQ: Known for their barbecued ribs, Dinosaur BBQ will also be serving up special Super Bowl wing combo platters along with their famous sides for the big game. With two different locations in New York City and several more in the surrounding area, the Southern-inspired barbecue restaurant is both a convenient and delicious option on Game Day.

Great Jones Cafe: The Creole wings at this East Village cafe are a big favorite, with many reviewers on Yelp raving about the homemade sauce that “is like no other.” Even after you finish your wings, you’ll want to order some veggies to coat in whatever is left of the slightly spicy sauce.

Bonnie’s Grill: This Brooklyn barbecue restaurant has previously been ranked among the city’s top chicken wing destinations. While you won’t find the variety of sauce flavors of other wing joints, Bonnie’s classic take on Buffalo sauce is a reliable favorite and will keep you coming back for more beyond the Super Bowl.