Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are considered royalty in the music business, and they have earned the right to do things in their own way. Queen B certainly has, with the fifth self-titled album release, which dropped overnight on iTunes.

Everyone is now buzzing about the album called ‘Beyoncé’ featuring 17 videos and 14 songs. There have already been over 500,000 tweets about the album which she released and announced on the same day. In true Beyoncé form the starlet made it hot with guest appearances by Jay Z, Drake Frank Ocean and even her daughter Blue Ivy.

Experts are predicting that the album will move quickly to No. 1 on the charts next week, with the news already creating a huge stir in the entertainment media and on social media.

By releasing her album on the same day that it was announced, Beyoncé is able to control how people experience her music. There was no need for an announcement about its production months in advance or a media circus about the inspiration of the album, or why she chooses to do it now.

She has given the music to the people with no explanation or backstory, as if she's saying: here is my music, listen if you want.

It looks like Queen B really is the queen of the music scene, as she intends to not only stay relevant at the age of 32, but change the rules of the game entirely.