Sam Greenberg, Beyoncé’s personal assistant, says her job is about looking clean and cool. The pop star’s assistant opens up about working with Queen Bey, saying she tries to stay out of the spotlight. Greenberg travels with Beyoncé and is well-versed in fashion, Vogue reported.

For Greenberg, being constantly with Beyoncé is a learning experience in itself. She curates her taste along with Bey’s, who is a style icon.

“I definitely don’t wear heels most of the time because I’m always on my feet and running around. I try to stick to really cool flats and sneakers,” she said. 

She says she tries to blend in the background as much as possible. For the Grammys, she said she wore a pair of black jeans and a black tank top. To glam up her outfit, she added a pair of Stuart Weitzman thigh-high Highland boots.

Greenberg’s tour must-haves include two or three black rompers for summer. For winter tours, it's jeans, sneakers and sometimes even some Beyoncé merchandise. She wears black back stage all the time to blend in.

Greenberg also carries overalls by Topshop and wears flats -- Chanel espadrilles. She also has some Balenciaga jackets, which work well for dressier occasions, including the “Join A Weird Trip” jacket, along with four pairs of Common Projects sneakers and a pair of Stella McCartney platforms.

Her go-to Beyoncé clothing is a sweatshirt that says “Surfboard” for the gym or her T-shirts. Greenberg said the merchandise is cool, chic and functional. Her travel gear consists of two suitcases and a carry-on for big trips, while for smaller forays she carries one bag, which never gets unpacked fully. Bey’s assistant occasionally loves to play dress up, too. She recounted the shoot for “On The Run” when she pulled out a big fur and threw it on because it was cold.