Bharti Airtel Ltd., a multinational Indian telecommunications company, said Wednesday it will invest $125 million dollars in Gabon as it seeks to take advantage of the third-generation and fourth-generation telecommunication markets when they are made available.

The company, which made the announcement at the the New York Forum Africa 2013 event in Libreville, said it is expanding networks in the West African country and will invest in some social programs across the country, according to statement by chief executive of international operations, Manoj Kohli.

“Airtel is committed to Gabon and ready to work with the government towards achieving their ICT goals. These include the deployment of a 3G and 4G network, when made available, to help businesses and the youth access world class data services,” Kohli said.

Kohli said that the company will help give ICT training to 10,000 young people in the region and help with youth-driven activities like soccer.

By developing a wide range of e-service, Gabon aims to have a country-wide digital infrastructure by 2016.