Several bicyclists were left disappointed when the new pedestrian path on the new Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge, which was opened yesterday, had a speeding limit.

According to some cyclists, the 4.25 meter-wide path with a 10km/hr speed limit was too slow especially in the downhill.

“It's an excellent well-constructed new facility - nice and wide with plenty of room for cyclists and pedestrians - and probably most cyclists going down there would be going between 20-25km/hr, said Andrew Demack from Bicycle Queensland to 612 ABC Brisbane's Steve Austin.

On the uphill side of the new bridge - because that's a substantial hill on that side of the Gateway, probably some cyclists will be doing 10km/hr going up - but... we certainly don't think that 10km/hr is a reasonable and safe speed on a bike travelling down that hill.

Mr. Demack, who visited the new path way a montg ago, suggested that the speed limit should not be adopted.

He recommended that the Bicycle Police Squad should be tapped in restricting bicyclists from being reckless in the pathway.

From time to time, when there's been a bit of a flare-up on the Bicentennial bikeway, where that's a very busy space where there's been cyclists and pedestrians interacting, and quite frankly some cyclists going too fast, the police bike squad get out there and police it for a while and things calm down, he says.