“Big Brother” crowned a winner on Wednesday, Sept. 24, in the finale of the CBS reality show's 16th season. At the end of the live, 90-minute finale, Derrick Levasseur was named the winner and took home the $500,000 prize. Derrick dominated the game from start to finish, having a hand in almost every eviction without ever even being nominated himself. He was also a member of “Team America,” the secret twist in the 2014 season where three players attempted to carry out secret missions on behalf of the fans for extra prize money.

With only Derrick, Cody and Victoria left in the game, the first action of the finale came with the last Head of Household competition of the season. Derrick and Cody won the first two rounds of the competition, which involved hanging on a wall while rain poured on the contestants, and a game where the contestants had to put the houseguests in order of eviction while climbing a wall. In the third round, Cody and Derrick answered trivia questions about the other houseguests and Cody was named the final Head of Household. He chose to bring Derrick to the final two with him (their plan from early in the game) and evicted Victoria.

Watch the third round of the Head of Household competition below:

Cody and Derrick went before the jury and got picked apart by the evicted houseguests. While some were bitter over Derrick’s manipulation in the game, most of the jury seemed to think Cody was just riding on Derrick’s coattails. When the votes were finally tallied, Derrick’s strategic approach won the respect of the jury, and he was named the winner.

Watch Derrick be named the winner of “Big Brother” Season 16 below:

So, who is Derrick Levasseur? Derrick is a police officer from Providence, Rhode Island,(though he concealed that fact during the game, telling the houseguests that he was a parks and rec coordinator) and spent three years as an undercover detective. The Season 16 winner has a wife, Jana, and a 1-year-old daughter. He talked a lot about his family on the show, including his grandfather, who died while Derrick was in the game. The contestant also played baseball in college for Mitchell College.

After 97 days in the house (the longest season yet), Derrick became the first houseguest on “Big Brother” to make it to the end without ever being nominated, impressively earning the big money prize. While he enjoys his winnings, fans will have to wait patiently for Season 17 for more “Big Brother” action.

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