“Big Brother” Season 17 Houseguests are all moved in and ready for action. Luckily, the show has more twists and turns this season to keep the 14 new contestants on their toes all summer… or is it 15? 

That’s right, it simply wouldn’t be “Big Brother” without a twist so shocking that it seems downright improbable. The biggest twist of the premiere revealed to the audience that one of the new Houseguests has an identical twin brother or sister. No one knows which one it is, but the siblings will attempt to fool the rest of the contestants into thinking they’re one person as they periodically switch throughout the course of the season.

As E! Online points out, this isn’t the first time that the show has tried the twin thing. In Season 5, Adria and Natalie switched off for the first five weeks of the show before ultimately joining the rest of the Season 5 house as separate contestants. Fans can only hope that the Season 17 twin twist makes it that far and the twins don’t immediately unknowingly get voted out in the first couple weeks. Speaking of voting people out, the twists don’t just stop with identical twins. 

The season premiere also revealed the original Big Brother Takeover (BBTakeover) twist that will rock the new Houseguests each week. Each crop of three weekly episodes will feature a brand new “special guest” that will come into the house and alter it with not only his or her presence, but with some kind of game-changing announcement. 

“Normally you have to deal with one major twist over the course of the season. Now they’re going to have to deal with a new twist every single week,” executive producer Rich Meehan told The Hollywood Reporter. “Julie [Chen] will be doing a big reveal on the live show about who the special guest is for the week. Then she’ll have a conversation live with the guest, and then we’ll learn how the guest will affect the game throughout the week.”

So there you have it, two insane and game-changing twists in “Big Brother” Season 17. That must be alright? Wrong. During the two-night premiere event, Us Weekly reports host Julie Chen revealed that this summer will see the return of the Battle of the Block. Every round there will be two people nominated as Head of Household. Those two will each nominate two Houseguests for eviction. The four people with their heads on the chopping block will then compete head-to-head and the winners get a chance to knock out the Head of Household that nominated them in the first place. To put it simply, expect some pretty big shifts in power in the moments leading up to eviction every week.