“Big Brother” Season 18 aired a double eviction episode on Thursday night that saw Zakiyah and Bridgette being booted out of the house.

The one-hour episode opened with James making a tough decision on which two houseguests he will use America’s Care Package on. Last Sunday, James received the power to nullify two votes come eviction night. He ultimately decided to use it on Corey and Paul so the two houseguests weren’t able to vote for either Michelle or Zakiyah. In the end, the latter was sent packing.

According to Big Brother Network, with Zakiyah gone, James, Paul, Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle planned on targeting Paulie. However, their plot didn’t go according to plan. In the Head of Household (HOH) game, Bridgette and Paulie were the first two houseguests to be eliminated. In the second round, only Corey was left standing.

Upon returning to the house, “Big Brother” host Julie Chen asked Corey to immediately name the two houseguests he wants to nominate for eviction. Nicole’s “showmance” named Bridgette and Michelle. Immediately after, the houseguests played the Power of Veto (POV) game, and Corey once again won. He decided not make any changes to the nominations. Paulie, Paul, Nicole, Victor and James all voted to evict Bridgette. Natalie stayed loyal to her friend and voted to evict Michelle.

In other news, the first member of the jury house, Da’Vonne, opened up about Paulie’s game strategy and said that it’s obvious he’s just using Paul to do his dirty work for him. “I think Paulie is going to use Paul to do all of his dirty work so his hands are clean. Honestly, the only blood Paulie has on his hands right now is Tiffany’s and she’s gone,” Da’Vonne told US Weekly.

The former houseguest also remains unimpressed over Paulie’s decision to look exactly like Paul. The former cut his hair and grew his beard just like the latter. “Paulie and Paul’s bromance is a hot mess. I knew it was strategy when Paulie cut his hair…” she said.

“Big Brother US” Season 18 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.