“Big Brother” Season 18 will see the return of the first five jurors on Thursday night.

Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie and this week’s evictee will participate in the Jury Battle Back competition. Whoever wins will return to the game and will get another chance at winning $500,000.

As exciting as the Jury Battle Back might be for the first five jurors, however, the remaining houseguests will not be as thrilled to know that the people they once threw out of the house could return and put their gameplans at risk.

According to Big Brother Network, if Da’Vonne will be the one to return to house, she will definitely align with Michelle and Paul. However, Da’Vonne also proved her loyalty to James even though she previously told him that she wants to get rid of the showmances this season. Da’Vonne is not in good terms with Nicole, so she will almost certainly go up the block if the former returns. If Zakiyah returns to the competition, it is also guaranteed that she will work with her good friend Michelle.

Meanwhile, Bridgette may work with Natalie since both of them were members of the Spy Girls alliance at the beginning of the season. Bridgette’s return may also be good for James because he and Natalie are a package deal. However, if Paulie is the one to return, he will definitely be out for blood. Just recently, he was played by the entire house when they targeted him for eviction. Paulie found out that Paul wasn’t very loyal to him. But if Corey will still be in the house after Thursday night’s eviction, Paulie could work with him and Nicole.

In other news, Natalie had a tough time on Wednesday night’s episode of “Big Brother” Season 18. After nominating Victor, she realized that Nicole played her so she won’t consider nominating the latter, according to Entertainment Weekly. Natalie’s decision to put Victor up didn’t sit well with Paul either. He confronted Natalie and made her realize that Corey and Nicole have to go.

This week’s care package from America will be delayed because of the Jury Battle Back. In the coming days, the recipient of the last package for this season will get the chance to bribe another houseguest, according to CBS.

“Big Brother” Season 18 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.