Bigfoot hunter, Matt Pruitt, didn't exactly find what he was searching for when he led an expedition of 31 Sasquatch seekers through Arkansas woods. Pruitt instead discovered that he was fined by the National Parks Service.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization leader was fined $525 for not having a permit or written agreement to take a tour group into the woodland area, reported The Republic.

Sasquatch seekers had paid around $300 to $500 to participate in the expedition. Chief Ranger Karen Bradford at the National Parks Service said that since Pruitt charged the participants, it was similar to those who rent canoes or operate other businesses in the park.

I think it was a fairly innocent mistake, said Pruitt to The Republic. At first they were very concerned that we were filming, that we were trying to get away with commercial filming without a permit. Once those concerns were satiated there were other concerns.

Expeditions to hunt for Bigfoot are four day excursions. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website, the mission is to resolve the mystery surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon, that is, to derive conclusive documentation of the species' existence.

You can check out the founder and director of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization on his Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot.