We've all seen the t-shirts featuring a bikini-clad woman's silhouette...some of us might even own one! But is a bikini onesie featuring a woman's silhouette going too far? That's how some parents feel after Gordman's retailers began stocking bikini onesie in their stores.

The retailer's motto is Something Unexpected, and that is exactly what some shoppers at their Southaven, MS branch experienced when they got an eyeful of the bikini onesie.

Action News 5 caught wind of the latest fashion design from Bon Bebe. Part of their Wild Child brand, the outfit is designed for 18-month-old girls.

The manufacturer claims to provide consumers with trusted products that meet the standards of discerning parents everywhere with our unique blend of quality style and value. The company also boasts their constant efforts to create fresh, new products that reflect the ever-changing experiences and lifestyles of babies and their families.

Action News 5 took to the Southaven Gordman's location to get feedback on the bikini onesie, and boy did they get a mouthful from consumers.

I don't think it's appropriate for a small child, Cathryn McKee, a mother, revealed to the camera. I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.

One father even told cameras that his daughter would never be seen wearing an item of clothing like that because it would give people the wrong idea too quickly.

I feel it's very inappropriate for an 18-month-old girl, another mother continued to Action News 5.

While some parents were concerned over the bikini onesie, others just saw the clothing as a joke.

I just think people overreact to stupid stuff I just don't take offense to that at all, mother Jeannie Stanley revealed to the news team.

Bon Bebe is far from the first company to throw parents in a tizzy with inappropriate clothing. TheFrisky.com compiled a whole slideshow of baby clothing that would have anybody saying WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

Some of the baby clothing items featured on TheFrisky.com display sayings like:

Hung like a 5-year-old.

I was the fastest swimmer.

I'm proof that my daddy does not shoot blanks.

B*tch better have my bottle.

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