Protests are being planned outside the venue of Bill Cosby’s show on Saturday in Denver, media reports said Tuesday. Gloria Allred, an attorney who is representing several women who have accused the comedian of either rape or sexual assault, is also expected to speak and join the demonstration planned outside the Buell Theatre.

Refunds are being offered by Ticketmaster for two Cosby shows, but organizers reportedly said that the performances will go on. Over 3,000 tickets have been sold for the 77-year-old comedian’s performance on Saturday, local media KUSA-TV reported. More than 15 women have come forward alleging that they were sexually assaulted by Cosby decades ago, and the allegations have led to the cancellation of several of his shows since November.

"I followed Bill Cosby for years and always liked him, but there are an awful lot of people coming out with these accusations," Fred Bloemendaal, who received tickets for Cosby’s show as a gift but later decided to sell them off at half-price, told the Daily News Tuesday. "The show would be more stressful than pleasurable."

Chuck Morris of AEG Live, the company promoting Cosby’s Denver show, said that authorities are aware of the concerns over Cosby's visit, but, because the star has not been charged in the cases there is a moral obligation to continue with the shows, The Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, Allred announced Tuesday that she would hold a "Teach in Speak Out" session on Saturday.

"I think it's important for the community in Denver to understand why women have made the allegations," Allred told The Denver Post. "It's also important to know what (Cosby's) response has been, how this performance is impacting the alleged victims, and what the people of Denver can do about this.

"I'm very excited about what I'm hearing coming out of Denver," Allred reportedly said. "I'm looking forward to meeting the activists and those who oppose this performance in person."

Cosby’s recent performances in Ontario, Canada, also witnessed protests as hecklers screamed “we believe the women,” while one called him a “rapist.” Cosby, who has denied the allegations against him, responded to a heckler in London, Ontario, by stating that he is “far from finished.”