On Saturday, two farmers in the Hunan province of China left on-lookers amazed as they competed with each other to lure thousands of bees onto their unprotected bodies.

Wang Dalin, a 42-year-old Chinese farmer gave tough competition to fellow beekeeper Lv Kongjiang as he lured 26kg of bees onto his body.

Wang and Lv competed by standing on a scale wearing only a pair of shorts and using queen bees they reared to attract other bees onto their bodies. All they had to protect themselves were goggles and a pair of plugs to cover their noses.

Wang won the competition after attracting 26 kg (57 lbs) of bees on his body in 60 minutes, while Lv had 22.9 kg (50 lbs).

Check out the amazing pictures of the bee beard contest below: