In the case of he said-she said with beauty maven Jeffree Star and celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, one thing is clear: artist B.J. Betts was paid. The graphic designer issued an official statement on Twitter hours before Star released a YouTube video.

“The matter between myself and Jeffree Star has been amicably resolved and I will have no further comments on the matter,” he wrote Wednesday. The message garnered 5,600 likes and more than 1,500 shares from his 10,700 followers.

Betts was dragged into the fight between Von D and Star after the raven-haired beauty said Betts was never paid for the artwork he did for Star. She created video with the goal for Star to pay Betts.

Until his statement Wednesday, Betts hadn’t weighed in on the controversy. It seems like he doesn’t want to say anything further considering his brief statement. He also didn’t create a YouTube video to explain himself, unlike Star and Von D. While the Von D took 13 minutes to explain herself, Star took more than 23 minutes.

During his clip, Star said he paid Betts for the work he did. Ultimately, he used a different artist because Betts was too expensive. “I never stole a logo and B.J. never said I did,” Star said in his YouTube video Wednesday. “I feel sorry he's been dragged into this.”

In fact, they might work together in the future. “There’s no beef. There’s no bad blood. And we might work on a palette in the future together,” he said.

Von D, on the other hand, said Star was only paid after she made her video. “@BJbetts, sorry it took all of this hassle for you to finally [and rightfully] get paid for your work. Onwards and upwards. X,” she wrote Wednesday.

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