B.J. Novak is the latest cast member to exit “The Office.” Since Steve Carell’s departure, which has hurt the show’s ratings, a number of other actors have jumped ship. James Spader (Robert) and Mindy Kailing (Kelly) will not return next season, while John Krasinski (Jim) and Ed Helmes (Andy) have opted to become part-time regulars.

Novak has been an integral part of the show’s humor, and his absence will no doubt lessen its appeal. Here’s what we’re going to miss most about Ryan.

Michael’s Harassment

Many of Ryan “The Temp” Howard’s days at Dunder Mifflin have been marred by sexual harassment. Michael Scott’s (Carell) inappropriate comments and gestures make up some of the best moments of “The Office.” This includes Michael’s pestering prank calls, creepy voyeurism, spanking and the declaration to his entire staff that he “would have sex with Ryan.”

His Relationship With Kelly

Arguably one of the most dysfunctional relationships in TV history, the “romance” between Ryan and Kelly has been painfully amusing to watch. Ryan has cheated on Kelly and extorted money from her, but it didn’t stop her from stunts like faking a pregnancy to get his attention. What starts as Kelly smothering Ryan like a puppy becomes a tumultuous on-again, off-again affair. Their quickie wedding and divorce, tears and public fights have made up one of the show’s best plot lines.

Kelly has put it best, describing their relationship as “Awesome. I mean…awful but…sometimes awesome.”

His All-out Crazy Moments

Ryan has gone from shy newbie to arrogant wunderkind, battled a drug addiction, been to jail and ended up back at Dunder Mifflin with a closet office. For the last few seasons he’s indulged in harebrained business ventures and shared his cryptic musings on everything from psychology to crack. Without Ryan’s bizarre behavior and unfiltered comments, the series is sure to suffer.