After a seemingly contentious relationship, Blac Chyna said things are fine between herself, Kylie Jenner and her ex Tyga.

She talked about solving their problems in the September issue of People magazine and said everyone decided to put the past behind them. “We’ve talked. I’ve met up with Kylie,” Chyna explained. “Everybody is mature. We’re not holding on to grudges. We’ve moved on.”

Chyna’s relationship with the Kardashian family goes back to when she and Kim Kardashian were best friends several years ago. Then in 2014, Kylie started dating Tyga, and that’s when Chyna and Kim appeared to grow apart.

There were also rumored tensions that the former exotic dancer didn’t like Kylie and some thought she dissed her by making fun of her lips on Instagram earlier this year.

Despite all of that, the Kardashian’s never insulted Chyna on social media or in interviews and only addressed Rob’s relationship on their show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” “It makes me so happy that Kylie was able to be so mature and sit down with her brother and Chyna and really get some of the past issues talked about,” said the family matriarch Kris Jenner.

Then in March, Kris admitted that her future daughter in law makes Rob happy, although she doesn’t know her very well.

“I haven’t really seen her that much, and I don’t know her as well as everyone else, but she seems like a really nice girl,” she said in an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. “I just haven't been around her too much but you know, he’s been very, very happy lately, and I think he’s in a really good place.”

Even Tyga — who has a child with Chyna — said he was okay with her dating Rob. “I mean yeah, people grow and you know, it’s time to evolve,” he told a TMZ reporter in May. “So everybody should have an opportunity at love and to live their life.”

In Chyna and Rob’s recent interview with People, the pregnant reality star said she understands why the Kardashians may have been suspicious of her at first. “Every family is going to be defensive in the beginning,” she said. “I don’t care who you are or what the situation is, they’re going to be protective, but everything is positive now.”