Avid fans of Lifetime’s "Dance Moms" know that Kaya Morris-Wiley, commonly known as “Black Patsy,” is a firecracker on TV.

But, dancer Nicaya’s loudmouth mom has an equally classless version of herself online. Using the name “Kaya Uncensored," Missouri mom rants about everything from signing her kids’ permission slips to fuming over the network’s stingy paychecks despite her dramatic "Dance Moms" breakdowns.

“You keep this up,” Morris-Wiley said referring to how network producers took her “Patsy Rants” out of recent episodes. “People will start to think I'm NICE!”

But one of Morris-Wiley’s latest comment threads took a dark, anti-Semitic turn on Aug. 20. Underneath photos promoting Tuesday night’s episode, the woman who nicknamed herself "Black Patsy" engaged in a fight with one of her Facebook friends named Mitchell A. Finke.

After he asked whether she was on the show, she responds, “Hell no! You know damn well I'm the on-set nanny & part time maid! (You wanted so badly to say that didn't you Jew boy?)”

And it gets worse.

Finke antagonizes "Black Patsy" calling her “Rosa” and to “get to the back of the bus!”

Morris-Wiley's reply: “Sure...I'll give up my seat. But you have to go back to Auschwitz .. .or whatever camp your peeps came from.”

A full version of the conversation can be seen below.


How Finke and "Black Patsy" know one another remains unclear.  

On Finke’s Facebook page and Twitter account, the Ohio choreographer appears in several photos with longtime "Dance Moms" cast members including Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, Jill Vertes, Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni and child dancers from both the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) and its on-screen nemesis, Candy Apples Dance Studio. He appeared on the show last summer when he choreographed a group number for the CADC.

A recent tweet shows a screen cap from Tuesday night’s episode where Dance Mom, Kristie Ray, puts a hand in his face while she enters the building before a dance competition:





Regardless of the hateful comments exchanged between the two "Dance Moms" cast mates, "Black Patsy" remains the virulent stage mom that she is.

In an Aug. 18 post, she describes her plans for the day:


The mother of five, whose nickname derives from the ultimate stage mom, Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, first appeared on the show when her daughter danced for Abby Lee Miller’s team last August. "Black Patsy" reappeared in season 3 when her daughter, Nicaya, gets disqualified from a competition after she has a big argument in the lobby with ALDC mom, Jill.

Miller’s archenemy, Cathy, later brings Nicaya onto her team and Patsy wants revenge.

“I want Nicaya to take out broke-back Brooke and peg-leg Paige just to shut Kelly up, 'cause she talks so much [bleep]. I just want to prove to her that her daughters are not all that she thinks they are,” Patsy said on the show about two of the ALDC members.     

Still, "Black Patsy" says she has no misgivings about her actions saying that she plans to, “Reflect on my behavior later today...and have NO regrets!”