Season 2 of NBC’s “The Blacklist” wrapped up Thursday night with a blockbuster episode that had it all! Liz (Megan Boone) and Tom (Ryan Eggold) hooked up again, Tom Connolly (Reed Birney) got his comeuppance, and the secrets from the night of the fire were finally revealed. The finale left many of the show’s major characters on the run, while answering most of its fans’ biggest questions. So, where does Season 3 go from here?

Here are 5 questions we have for Season 3 of “The Blacklist” in the fall:

1. Where Will Liz and Red Go?

After Liz’s memory came back to her and Red (James Spader) tearfully admitted that he had been trying to protect her from the truth that she had killed her father, the pair boarded a white van to effectively disappear. Red and Liz will begin Season 3 in hiding from the Cabal, but were will that be? Will they have new identities? Will they have any contact with the rest of the characters?

2. Is Tom Gone for Good?

After Liz and Tom’s hot and heavy reconnection, Liz eventually changed her mind and decided to seek out the truth about her past instead of running away with her former husband. A hurt Tom seemed to be saying his goodbyes in the scene and later was seen setting sail to go into hiding himself. Is this Tom’s series curtain call? Or will the covert operative return once again? Shippers will be holding their breaths until the premiere next fall.

3. What Will Happen to Cooper and Ressler?

Liz and Red may be on the run, but the rest of the FBI task force will have to find a way to get back to work in the shadow of the Cabal. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Liz is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List now and will be their biggest target. Maybe Cooper (Harry Lennix) got off easy getting arrested! Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), on the other hand, will have to hunt down his friend - or at least pretend to - while he searches for the truth, all under the Cabal’s watchful eye.

4. What’s Next for the Cabal?

Liz and Red fled the country, but, with a dead senator and attorney general on their hands, it will be difficult for the shadow organization to sweep everything that happened under the rug. Expect the Cabal to put all its resources into tracking down Liz and pinning the conspiracy on her. However, Red did give that group of investigative journalists all the intel in the Fulcrum. Will the Cabal be exposed before it can get to Liz?

5. What is Red’s Connection to Liz?

Now that fans know what Red was hiding from Liz, the question becomes why was he the one responsible for hiding it? There is no doubting how much Red cares for Liz, but what is the connection between them? Plus, there are a lot of lingering mysteries about Liz’s past and her KGB parents. The finale certainly tore down some of the wall between Red and Liz. Perhaps their newfound trust will result in more answers for her and the viewers.

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