Red is back. Season 2 of “The Blacklist” premiered Monday, Sept. 22, and the hit NBC drama didn't waste any time getting back into the action with Red (James Spader) in hot pursuit of Berlin (Peter Stormare).

Episode 1 opened with Red knocked out in a jeep somewhere in Africa. When he came to he met with an African warlord named Yubari and the two apparently had a history together. Yubari wanted to kill Red, but Red wanted to make a deal. Red demanded the names of the bounty hunters who Berlin sent after him. After two hellfire missiles hit Yubari’s compound on Red’s orders, he got the information what he wanted.

At the F.B.I. headquarters, Agent Martin (Jason Harner) was left in charge. Cooper (Harry Lenix) was on leave and Liz (Megan Boone) was not doing well -- paranoid that someone is watching her. However, the job goes on and Liz had to meet with Red.

The name Red got from Yubari is Lord Baltimore, an unknown tracker who uses online data to track people down. Red believed Lord Baltimore to be in town and after him. This led Liz and the F.B.I. to consult Rowan (Krysten Ritter), a specialist at a data security firm where Lord Baltimore apparently stole a large amount of data.  The F.B.I. was suspicious after discovering an apartment with pictures of Rowan tied to the security breach, but the specialist swore it must be her twin sister, Nora. Fortunately, Rowan’s mother confirmed her story.

Meanwhile, Berlin got a visit from a courier of Lord Baltimore’s to tell him that they have found Red and will move the next day.

Red is kidnapped the next day, but not by Berlin. Instead he's captured by a Mossad agent (Samar Navabi). Mossad apparently had a bone to pick with Red about an earlier incident, but the F.B.I. bailed him out, to the agent’s disappointment.

Back at the F.B.I. headquarters they discovered that Lord Baltimore was not looking for Red -- but a woman. When Liz told Red he instantly knew that they were after Naomi Highland (Mary Louise-Parker), his ex-wife.

At Rowan’s house, Marcus, Lord Baltimore’s courier from earlier, showed up and snapped her out of a trance with a record album. Rowan apparently has split personalities and is, in fact, Nora and Lord Baltimore. She got to Naomi’s house right after Liz with a team of men. Naomi was kidnapped, but not before Liz could capture Nora.

Liz interrogated Nora and after learning about the album trigger from Marcus is able to get the location of her men out of her. When they got to the compound Naomi was gone and all Nora’s men were dead except one -- who had an address for Red.

Red goes to the address where he finds a pocket watch with Naomi’s picture in it -- identical to the watch Berlin carries with his daughter’s picture.

Back at the F.B.I. headquarters there was a bright spot when Cooper returned to takeover for Agent Martin. However, it is revealed that Liz was being watched -- but by who?

At the end "The Blacklist" premiere, Red got a package at his hotel and a phone call from Berlin who told him he would be doing the same thing with Naomi as was done to his daughter -- sending her back to him piece-by-piece. Inside the package was one of Naomi’s fingers.

Red will have to hunt down Berlin and fast if he is going to save Naomi. However episode 1 of "The Blacklist concluded with no leads on how to find Berlin and Naomi. Fans will have to wait until next week to see if he can get to him in time.

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